Giving props to your favorite retro hairstylist...

I've been doing a little Spring cleaning and recently went through the blog post listing retro stylists available today. Click here to see the post Vintage Salons and Stylists.

There were some broken links and such on a couple that made me think that the listings were no longer valid, so I deleted them to keep the list fresh and easily googled.

But it has been a while and I wanted to open the discussion back up for anyone who wanted to be listed on the entry. It has had thousands and thousands of hits, so people are searching for you and your talents in recreating vintage beauty. Wouldn't you like to be seen in as many places as possible?

Please email me at info at hrstbooks.com with the name of your business and location, qualifications, a portfolio image, and contact information.

If you are just a customer and love your stylist, leave a comment about her and tell us where she is!


  1. My favorite vintage stylist is April Benincosa of Vintage Rouge in Salt Lake City, Utah. She does amazing vintage styles and has been featured on several wedding blogs for her work.

  2. While my stylist isn't traditionally a vintage stylist, she has taught the vintage hairstyles and sets at the Institute of Beauty and Wellness in Milwaukee, WI. She has worked tirelessly with me for the last 3+ to help me achieve a wonderful pin curl set and make my hair work as it needs to for those sets. She even was willing to help me modify the middy so I could wear it straight if I wanted to. I love her. Her name is Dez and she works at the Kennilworth location of Neroli Salon and Spa in Milwaukee, WI.

  3. Hi, I tried to email you about updating my entry on that list, but the email keeps getting sent back... Tried the info at hrstbooks.com, of course iputing @ where need be, but yea, get the ol' mailer daemon notice.

  4. Thank You so much for listing me! I have gotten a lot of work because of it! Cheers!!!!

    Michelle St Darling (NYC)